From Pearl’s Brewhouse to Hotel Emma (Part 2)

Here are a few additional photos of the hotel.

I also like how they frame the old-time brewing facility with a stone arch door.

The courtyard is decorated with heavy brewing equipment, which does ensure the consistency.

In doing so, the authenticity is maintained and its history well preserved.

And, the Riverwalk is just a few yards away.

Happy Thursday! 🙂

Part 1 is here..

42 thoughts on “From Pearl’s Brewhouse to Hotel Emma (Part 2)

    • They really put a lot of effort. Weekdays are not so crowded. During the weekends, you may want to get there before 11 am to get a parking space.
      Thank you, Pit! Enjoy the day. 🙂 — Amy

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  1. Visited Pearl Brewery briefly on a visit to San Antonio and expect to return later this year. Your wonderful photos make me really want to go back. Such a great way to reuse an old building.


  2. As we travel, we’re fascinated by the ingenuity of builders and contractors who make something of old structures yet leave a part of the character for future generations to see. Thanks for the wonderful photos — this is a place I’d love to see up close!


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