WPC: Reflecting (Lakes in Alberta, Canada)

Alberta does lakes and mountains like Rome does cathedrals and chapels,

but without the penance.

— lonelyplanet.com


The first lake is located by Calgary, Alberta, the second is Lake Minnewanka, and the third is the Lake Louise. Among all the lakes we visited in Alberta, Lake Louise the most beautiful place I have ever seen. I remember the lake area was so crowded with tourists, and everyone wants to take pictures of this beautiful spot.

In July, 2015, we made a trip to Alberta and stayed in Banff. I probably took more than a few hundreds of photos. 🙂

WPC: Reflecting


73 thoughts on “WPC: Reflecting (Lakes in Alberta, Canada)

  1. Oh, my! These are amazing. (I need to start looking for new adjectives). This is wallpaper material. So peaceful. I could watch such views forever! Well done. I can’t thank you enough for showing us such beauty.


  2. Beautiful shots! Wow, the glacier at Lake Louise has really retreated since I was there in the 1980s! I have a family connection to Lake Louise. A distant relative, Tom Wilson, was the first European to see the lake, when he was scouting for the Canadian Pacific Railways in the 1880s. “I never in all my explorations saw such a matchless scene,” was Wilson’s comment.


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  4. Wow, how beautiful shots. Alberta and Banff region in Canada are indeed pretty n serene with Rocky Mountains. Thanks for sharing these pics. This place is definitely in my bucket list since some time now.


  5. #1 is absorbing all my attention. Sorry #2 + 3. It immediately reminded my of the film “Shining”. I saw Jack’s face. And heard the music. May be I spoiled now the image of a beautiful landscape. But it is a stunning capture, Amy.


    • Thank you so much for your comment, Reinhold. I appreciate your feedback. #2 was taken in the afternoon facing the sun, #3 was a good spot but we got there before noon time. Could that be the reason not capture the scene as it was?
      I don’t think I watched Shining.

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      • Sorry, I have to be more careful with my jokes with a German sense of humor. Jack Nicholson plays the best role of his career in this film… my opinion. It is a bit scary, dark, crazy but I like the images of the mountains and the music. And you #1 reminded me… in a very positive way. The other images are beautiful too. Nothing to complain about. But my mind was with your #1. I hope I haven’t confused you too much, Amy. Was not my intention. Smiles. Reinhold

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        • Not at all, Reinhold. Thank you so much for explaining. I always value your feedback. I don’t capture reflections often as I like to. It may be a good practice for me in the future. 🙂


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