Raindrops Keep Falling…

M’s (The Girl That Dreams Awake) 52 Week Photo Challenge Week 33: Rain

Raindrops keep falling on lake, trees, and flowers, and look beautiful on window, too.

I recall the drought we had three years ago, it was severe, everyday we wished a good rain. One day in a hot afternoon, the storm came. We all ran to the courtyard of our workplace, watching and taking photos through the window. It was like we had not seen rain for ages.

It has been a good year. Last year, we had more rain than we expected. In March and April, the rain was consistent. It could be the rain, winter here was warmer than normal and spring has been very pleasant.

Visit M’s 52 Week Photo Challenge Week 33: Rain

Happy Tuesday!

51 thoughts on “Raindrops Keep Falling…

  1. Goos morning Amy,
    What a difference a few miles make. We certainly did have some rain here, but not enough. Definitely not enough in the winter for our wildflowers. Our own patch has just a very few, and also in the countryside close by there aren’t as many as last year. So we’ll hope for neat year!
    I like your raindrops pictures!
    Have a great day,

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  2. This is my kind of rain❣️👍🏻 Love your photos, Amy, absolutely gorgeous macros. Norfolk is normally the driest place in England, but so far it has been cold and wet 💦☔️ and the water butts are all filled. 🙂

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  3. Such beautiful photos 😊rain makes everything beautiful! Ok maybe not everything but most everything 🙂 thanks for joining the challenge 😊


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