Mobile Photo Challenge: Your Choice (Foodie Photos)

This week, Sally’s Mobile Photo Challenge is our choice. I’m post some of the Asian cuisine I had in South California.

Japanese noodles are very popular in SoCal, especially among the youngsters. This restaurant claims that they make fresh soup and noodles daily. The firm texture of the noodle and thick flavoring soup made a very special cuisine. You expect some 30 minute waiting there.

Besides noodles, we ordered various appetizers and side dishes. Pan-fried dumplings were my favorite. A bowl of the noodles and two pieces of potstickers were more than plenty for me, but my nephew had two bowls of noodles, the rest of the potstickers, and four side dishes.

We also enjoyed Chinese braised beef noodles. The tender meat and luscious, soul-warming sauce reminded me the slow simmered of Boeuf Bourguignon.

The Korea Stone rice was different. Hot rice was topped with various Korean cooking vegetables and some meat, and it served in a very hot stone bowl. You stir the rice and veggies for a minute before you eat. Delicious!

Fry rice topped with pan-fried pork at Di Tai Fung. Fry rice dishes are all the same, until you eat in DTF…

The first time we ran into a Japanese noodle restaurant outside of U.S. was in London in the late 90s. I recall when we got there the restaurant was already packed. I was surprised with the size of the noodle bowl they served and found it was amusing to see how everyone picked up the bowl and drank up the soup like Japanese do. Back then, this was the only noodle place in London, now you can find a couple of dozens through Google search.

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