Watching Surfers

It was a sunny day and spring break week, so it was no surprise to see surfers at the Southern California beach.

The morning temperature was at around mid 60 F, water was pretty cold though. After all it was still early spring.

This was my first time taking photos of sea waves and surfers, so it was an adventure. 🙂 I wished I had the 300 mm lens with me.

Photos were taken at 1/250 and 1/320.  I wonder if I should use higher or lower shutter speed to get better shots.

WPC: Surprise

Thank you so much for visiting. Happy Easter!

54 thoughts on “Watching Surfers

  1. Good morning, Amy,
    Which lens did you use? I’m sure, a longer lens would have helped, but only if it had quite a good maximum aperture. As to higher or lower shutter speed: I think that’s often two sided, but here the focus was on the surfers, and thus I would have used as short a shutter speed as possible, so that they wouldn’t be blurred by their (rapid) motion(s).
    Have a wonderful Easter,

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    • Good morning, Pit! This helps a lot. I couldn’t decide the SS for the movements of the wave and the surfer. I had quite few blurry shots. Thank you so much for your comment.
      Happy Easter!

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  2. Surfing, well I am actuallu quite goos at that activity (whatching them that is…). I got respect for real surfers which went out and surfed in the middle of winter. While surfing has its “image” side this is a real sport and activity. I used to run in winetr and mye ears nearly froze of them it was much worse. Happy Easter

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  3. Some beautiful waves and great action shots of the surfers Amy!☺ I often use a shutter speed of 1/800s when the dogs are zooming on the beach and it also captures the movement of the water very well. The best thing is to experiment and see what works best for you. Have fun and we wish you a wonderful Easter 🐣💖 xxx


    • Thank you, Cindy for visiting from France! Here is a couple hours away from SD. 🙂 I was visiting my niece during their spring break.
      I love France especially small villeges along the Dordogne. 🙂 Happy travel!


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  5. Running horses and dogs require 1/1000 to 1/2000 seconds to freeze the motion. I think you have to use similar shutter speeds in this area. In the last days I used and read about the following approach: switch camera to “M”, select shutter speed: 1/1000 -2000, select aperture: at this distance 5.6 to 8 should be perfect, use ISO Auto. If ISO is above 3600 reduce aperture to 2.8 to 4. Should freeze the motion without adding too much noise. Having said all this: awesome images, Amy. I can feel the breeze, hear the sound and smell the ocean. Smiles. Reinhold

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  6. I have always thought… how do they do that! Cool shots! How fun for you to get to watch them.

    A few years ago… I saw many… many surfers at Half Moon Bay. I could not believe they did not urf into each other.

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