Mobile Photo Challenge: Nature and CFOD

iPhone 6+ is able to capture this special spot framed with dead branches.

Sally’s Mobile Photo Challenge for this week is Nature. You don’t want to miss her creative mobile photo, a bonsai photomontage that layers a Pomegranate tree!


For Cee’s Flower Of The Day, I pick Begonia

The genus contains 1,795 different plant species. The Begonias are native to moist subtropical and tropical climates.

love is a flower
giving to the gardener
hope after winter

Wilfredo Derequito

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29 thoughts on “Mobile Photo Challenge: Nature and CFOD

  1. Good morning, Amy. I love that tree photo! Now I have to talk to my iPhone 6+… why it couldn’t perform like yours. 😉
    Begonia photos are lovely. It always nice to see flowers in the morning. Thanks.
    Have a wonderful day.

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    • Good morning, Helen. Thank you for your compliment. Lightroom helps a lot. I have to admit that I spend so much time to delete my disappointed shots. I guess that’s part of the process. 🙂

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    • It’s a well presented nature park. This spot is very difficult and interesting. It looks chaotic, hard for me to find a cool angle to shot. Macro is easier then photo landscape. 😉 Thank you, Reinhold!


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