Why I’m Wordless At Times

“Why I’m wordless at times…”

by Dr. Hb (hbhatnagar)

A moment of courage

A moment of doubt

A quick look within

A quicker without

And then you are with me

And now I’m alone

And that’s how I forget

All words that I’ve known

Thank you, Dr. Hb for giving me the privilege of using your eloquent poem for this post.  I am truly honored.

After a long debating, I decided to use plants with light green and soft tone for this beautiful poem. Hope you like it. 🙂


A while back, Dr. Hb wrote a few poems for my photos. I also had great pleasure of making posts using his beautiful poems.

“I Stood And Said No More”

It was a bright noon day

The ocean smoothed to blue

Reflecting azure hue

The sky mirrored the bay

And on the sparkling shore

I stood and said no more.


“Days Of Our Lives”

As children we fret over how long the day will last

As youths we worry about how long the night will last

As old people we wonder how long the twilight will last……


 “Mirror To Me”

I walked by many a window pane

But what I searched, I sought in vain

I looked ahead, I looked behind

I looked within my teeming mind

I looked without with tireless eyes

I looked despite my tired sighs

Was that the window that contained?

Is this the one that shows unstained?

That child, the image of the past

That man, of moments next to last

I ask of every pane I see

Are you the one? Mirror to me?

— by Dr. Hb (hbhatnagar)

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