It IS Easy Being Green (Mountains, Lakes, Hills… )

Here is a set of greens that I have captured in different countries and places in U.S. Yes, these are picked from my archives, but they are still green and beautiful in photos and in my memory.

Alberta, Canada



Napa Village, CA

Seattle, WA

Dolomites, Italy

Munich, Germany

Ronda, Spain

Alberta, Canada

Cinque Terre, Italy

Dordogne Cliff, France

Li River, China

Texas countryside

A fewΒ photos were taken with my Sony Cybershot before I got my Canon DSLR. πŸ™‚

WPC: It IS Easy Being Green

56 thoughts on “It IS Easy Being Green (Mountains, Lakes, Hills… )

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  2. Stunning images, Amy. The only image I could guess the location without reading the description was the one from China. All the others where a sort of surprise. That was a fun exercise. Thanks! Smiles. Reinhold


    • I read you comment this early morning, I thought I was in my dream… Thank you so very much, Dragon!
      Photos on NG had inspired for traveling and my father used to encourage me to see the world.


  3. Absolutely fantastic. I love nature, who doesn’t? And when I get to see such beautiful green pictures of nature, the love towards nature simply multiplies. And your photography is worth appreciating! Great job. Keep it going!


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