Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: View From the Side (Deer)

This is the third week of Cee’s new series for the Fun Foto Challenge. Cell calls A Different View. 

These junior deer showed up when I was walking on the trail a few days ago.

This series is fun, which makes me more sensitive about how I aim the object(s) with my camera. For this series, I have posted views from an airplane window for Looking Down and buildings for Looking Up. 🙂

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27 thoughts on “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: View From the Side (Deer)

  1. My favorite way to hunt deer! The first is sort of framed by the branches and the second is well balanced with the cactus in front and bare branches in the back while the dry grass adds interest. Good shots!


    • Thank you so much, CC for your observation and thoughtful comment! I took these two photos on the same day at the park. One area was turning green, a couple of miles away, it looked like in winter time (TX winter time) 🙂


    • I shot with the 50 mm lens from a distance, which gave me plenty room to crop. The rule of thirds for the first one may be the timing. Appreciate so much of your comment, Gabe!

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