The National Sport Is Eating!

“When I first visited Thailand, I thought that Thai Boxing (Muay Thai) was the national sport. I was wrong. The national sport is eating! Once you’ve spent a bit of time in the country you soon realize how important food and dining is in Thai culture.” Roy says ( It didn’t take me long to notice the culture.

After reading Roy’s comments about eating in Thailand, I decided to post foodie photos I took in Bangkok. These photos were taken with just one quick snap. Most of the time, as soon as the plate was brought onto the table, hubby couldn’t wait to dig in.

Japanese food is very popular in Bkk. Japanese chefs are known for making food is an art. The keys are ingredient obsession, technical precision, and thousands of years of meticulous refinement. The sophistication of making Japanese food is showing more in Bkk than other places I have been. Though I haven’t been to Japan, it’s on top of my bucket list.

We had the privilege of eating at this special Japanese restaurant. The chief was Bkk TV Champion and Michelin Star. We had dinner there, then went back for lunch the next day, but didn’t get to meet the handsome chef.

The flavor and density of the noodles were nothing but perfect. When this noodle plate brought to your table, you soak the noodles into the broth enhanced by miso, soy sauce, mushrooms, etc. for a minute before you eat.

Thai seafood has great taste and were carefully prepared.

We had a big dinner on our last day in Bkk with my brother and his family. We had an array of dishes, including lamb shank, fish, and various seafood. Btw, hubby was going to have hamburger on his last day. Glad we didn’t, don’t ask me why.

The fish cake is a special dish. The doughy mixture is normally blended by hand rather than a food processor. The soft sticky mixture is then formed into round cakes before being deep-fried and enhanced with special sauce.

From the top left, shrimp cake, meat ball, eggplants, and shrimp.

The hot seafood pot was so delicious.

The best lamb shank I have ever had:

After dinner, I had no room for dessert. My brother and hubby chose whisky over dessert.

“Eating isn’t confined to certain times of the day, it’s an all day and night affair. There is no excuse for going hungry in Thailand.” Roy says. No kidding!

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