Today Is Better Than Two Tomorrows


Before we finished our tour of the temple, I looked out the window and really enjoy the beautiful sight. A few minutes later, a monk walked through. I snapped the scene quickly, had no time to think about the composition and the camera setting. Did some editing through the Lightroom.


“Filmed over the course of 4 years in an unknown corner of Laos, South East Asia, Today Is Better Than Two Tomorrows tells the simple story of friendship between two boys, Leh and Bo, who leave home at age eleven to become novice monks…

This is the debut feature from Director Anna Rodgers who started this film as a young Irish backpacker who happened upon this family and spent 4 years with no crew or translator determined to bring their enchanting story to life. One of the few documentaries to come out of Lao PDR, Today is Better Than Two Tomorrows presents a rare window into a unique and fading culture.” Click here for More…


WPC: The Road Taken


40 thoughts on “Today Is Better Than Two Tomorrows

  1. If you had no time to think about the composition, Amy… why did you produce such an amazing result? The framing structure, the monk, his shadow, the background… perfect. Excellent “snap shot” result! I wish my snap shots would look like this. 😉 Reinhold

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