Mobile Photo Challenge: Bangkok Architecture


The architecture in Bangkok downtown is remarkable. Though we walked by many beautiful buildings everyday, but I missed taking a few more photos as most of the time we took the advantage of the sky walk to avoid the traffic and traffic lights.


Sally’s Mobile Photo Challenge for this week is challenger’s choice.  Do visit Sally’s Abstraction (Hope in a Photographic Puzzle*)



The sky walk connects the major business buildings, street exits, and rail stations (one level above the sky walk). Here you see how the sky walk and the rail station look like in BKK:


Have a great week! 🙂

34 thoughts on “Mobile Photo Challenge: Bangkok Architecture

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    • Bkk is just like other metro cities in the world, packed with people. The population is over 8 mil people (according to census in 2010), pretty crowded. A 2,000 sq ft condominium in this area is about 2 mil US dollars. In some areas, you don’t own the land but lease it.

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  2. Based on the photos I’ve seen recently, I really need to explore Bangkok. The mix of modern architecture with ornate (and ancient) temples looks amazing. And the food…

    Thanks for the incredible teaser 😉


    • I was encouraged by my brother who have been Thailand a couple of times, and I was not disappointed. Hotel, food,… are cheap with great quality. Beach is so beautiful. The only thing was that I had a little problem with the heat and humidity.

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