Sunrise At The Beach


When the sun is rising at Pattaya Beach, Thailand, it is setting in another part of the world.

Have a great Sunday!

WPC: A Good Match

50 thoughts on “Sunrise At The Beach

      • Hey Amy … it always feels good to come back here and have a word with you. The best thing is even if I come back after so many months this place feels like my home and family and you are that most loved member of my family. Actually I am mostly there on FB as my job role is partly related to social media. hehehe … I hardly come here but i have to make a regular habit or else I miss so many good posts. I have bought a domain even and i have to shift all these posts there as well. and Miss you too dear … so many things happened in these few months … lots to tell … and even i am on IG … as AJ_jaaz.


  1. I saw an advert of a NZ company here in Germany the other day. “While you are sleeping”. Actually I was thinking the same when I was in NZ thinking about family and friends. A very thoughtful entry, Amy. And I love sunrise and sunset. The time of us. Photographers. Hope our weather is changing soon. Bad weather for weeks now. Like to see a sunrise and sunset soon. Happy shooting. Smiles. Reinhold

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