Looking Down


These photos were taken from the airplane window when the plane was slowly descending for landing the Los Angeles International Airport.


For Cee’s Fun Foto: Looking Down on Something

cee fun foto

Why does an airliner’s descent take so much longer than it’s ascent?

“… first it descends from cruising 36000 feet to 11000 and maintains it for 15 miles, then it further descends to say 6000 feet, makes 90 degree turn flies another few miles then descends to 2000 feet, makes another 60 degrees turn and flies until it reaches with the runway extended centerline, finally it turns another 20 degrees to align with the runway and then maintains 2000 feet another couple miles until specific point from which 3 degree glideslope will bring him right onto runway edge.” ~  Andrew Novikov

Happy Tuesday! 🙂

33 thoughts on “Looking Down

  1. The is one additional step not mentioned that I learned from a pilot after a hard landing. If there is a strong cross wind the pilot will turn the plane into the wind and come in at an angle (determined by the wind speed) to the center line of the runway. Just before touchdown thrust will be applied to the engines to align the plane with the runway while at the same time the pilot will drop the plane (feels like a hard landing) onto the runway. Makes for a not so exciting landing.

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