Thursday Travel: Joys Of Travel (Eating in BKK)

Eating in Bangkok (BKK) is an experience, a daily event. Every shopping mall has endless choices, including local food, street food, fast food, fine restaurants, and great international food selections.


The international fast food section has a line of choices:


Decisions, decisions… One day, we had a hard time to decide, so hubby and I ate in two restaurants for lunch. After eating, we had to go back to our hotel for a nap. 🙂


Below is the famous Chinese restaurant, Din Tai Fu. There are three DTF in BKK.


Here is a Thai restaurant:



Many fine Japanese restaurants.


This restaurant uses shelves decorated with bottles as dividers:


Here is an eating area by the window with a view:


Ice cream place is decorated nicely:


A cool place to enjoy various chocolate!


Everywhere is clean, beautiful, and pleasant.


Normally the mall is crowded after 4 pm and very busy during the weekend. Major malls in BKK downtown are connected with the sky walk and rail, which was completed a year or so ago.

Happy Thursday!

40 thoughts on “Thursday Travel: Joys Of Travel (Eating in BKK)

  1. I think it’s a pretty sad state of affairs when an American tourist ends up eating at an American chain restaurant Even when we travel locally, we search out local diners or restaurants. That is part of the fun of discovery. Glad to see you share our feelings! 🙂

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  2. I love that you just ate two lunches when you couldn’t decide, Amy. I love Thai food, but have only had it in the U.S.; I can imagine it must be sooo delectable there. Thanks for bringing us along, this was very interesting.

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  3. Oh wow! Everything looks just so perfect and spotlessly clean! The colors and architecture are just so different from anything I’ve seen and I cannot believe how much food is offered. How does one actually make up his or her mind what to eat? Amazing photos, Amy. Amazing! Thank you for sharing them. How lucky you are to be able to travel! ❤

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    • Thank you for you comment and visit, Amy! I have never seen a mall this spotless clean and a place offer this much varieties. They are constantly cleaning the malls, eating places, streets, alleys… incredibly. I liked everything I saw, except I was not used to the heat. It was at low 90 F, mornings and nights are pleasant. Happy to share. 🙂

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  5. Awesome shots! Literally was in BKK during the BKK shutdown of 2014. I tried to make the most of it despite the protest going around. But, still had fun! Your pics defiantly made me miss places like Terminal 21!


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