The Rural Floating Market

We took a 30-minute long-tailed boat trip to the famous floating market at Damnoensaduak.


There were lots of beautiful tropical plants along the river.  I was excited to see mangoes hanging on the tree.


Lots of cocoa trees and banana trees along the river.



Here you can buy fresh Cocoa juice and delicious tropical fruits at the floating market.


And, you can also taste Thai food. The market was crowded with tourists, it was colorful, busy, touristy but great fun. Morning was pleasant, but it was pretty hot in the afternoon, and the humidity was unbearable for me.


A totally new shopping experience.


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65 thoughts on “The Rural Floating Market

  1. I sure enjoyed this exotic trip down the river and to the Thai market, Amy. Fascinating to see how they utilize the watery passageway. I loved this gallery of photos describing your adventure.


  2. Lovely impressions, Amy. This is so exotic and far away from the cold North. Your post brings back many happy memories from South East Asia.
    Wishing you a relaxing weekend. x


  3. What a beautiful boat ride in Thailand. If your hands were longer, you could have reached out and helped yourself to free mangoes from the trees by the river 😉 I like humidity so if I was there, I would probably have loved it, lol. The fruits on sale look so fresh. Hope you managed to have some during your trip there 🙂

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