Creating Ambience With Lights

 Hotel lobby, restaurants, and bars are good at using beautiful lights and colors for creating ambience.


The one above is an example of using water fountains and lights to create a point of interest to welcome customers. Another idea is to build a fireplace and have a sculpture over it to make guests feel comfort and cozy ambience.


The furniture, rusty lamp, and hardwood floor is always a beautiful way to bring the old time feeling to the guests; and they didn’t forget to add warm colors and lights.


And, more lights…


WPC: Ambience

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55 thoughts on “Creating Ambience With Lights

  1. Good morning, Amy,
    I’d love to sit in that cozy corner in the 3rd picture! I’d also love to hear the gentle sound of the waterfall. And/or see those flames licking over the wood. Thanks for sharinng those impressions, and have a great Sunday,


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  3. I love hotels, the lobby, the reception area, there’s such a nice feel about them. modern or rustic, even vintage. 🙂 Your photos are lovely, love the last one, light, and lights, play an important part, yes. Very pleasant post, thank you, Amy!

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