Mobile Photo Challenge: Macro (Small Sculptures) And More…


These two sculptures were exhibited at the Seattle Art Museum. The one above is entitled “Blowing In The Wind”, which was made with thousands of thin metal threads. The one below is a beautiful glass work.


Sally’s Mobile Photo Challenge for this week is Macro.



Have you heard about the Pix Star? This device gives you the convenience of viewing you photos any time of the day and/or night without clicking your photo files on your computer and iPhone. This is what the device can do:



  1. Selecting: You can select your photos saved on your computer as well as the photos on your Instagram via (need to register first).

  2. Wifi: Connecting Wifi on the device is easy.

  3. Displaying: The photos are alternating on the Pix Star frame one at a time. You can choose how you want to display on the screen. You can also de-select and choose new photos via

Cons: It doesn’t have the touch screen function. That means you have to use the arrow keys of the device to set the Wifi for entering your username and password.)

See how the photos is changing on the screen:



It was a very thoughtful Christmas present from my daughter. 🙂

Thank you for visiting!

29 thoughts on “Mobile Photo Challenge: Macro (Small Sculptures) And More…

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  2. Really enjoyed both sculptures, Amy — especially that vivid and incredible wavy green glass. It looks so perfectly exhibited in this light, highlighting its striations and texture.


  3. Ok, I know I’m being mean to the artist up there, but the first one looks like an old wire brush! 😀
    Loved the second one, it’s amazing what people can get glass to do! I have a few screenshots off of pinterest that are mind-boggling.

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