Mobile Photo Challenge: Nature And More (1/2/2017)


“Year after year autumn leaves create their legacy. Since trees play a crucial role in the health of our planet, their leaves are far more than a boost of color and design in the landscape. Each leaf serves a purpose for the leaf of its Mother tree and the air that we breathe.”

~ Sally D (Lens and Pens) 


We had the warmest weather during Christmas week in 100 years in many parts of Texas according to the local weather report. It went up to 80 F on Christmas day when we were in Dallas area, but a few days before that it was 30 F at night. We also had some rain and cloudy days in December. It got up to 75 F the past weekend, yesterday I took almost 4-mile trail walk under the sun and saw some deer out there enjoying the warm weather. 🙂

For Sally’s Mobile Photo Challenge: Nature. Captured with my iPhone 6, as always.


Wanna know where and how people use iPhones?


Have a great week!

52 thoughts on “Mobile Photo Challenge: Nature And More (1/2/2017)

  1. Amy, truly enjoyed your first post of the year. Your images of leaves are lovely, especially the first with the duo. Also liked all the statistics about iPhone users. It’s such a phenomenon, and we get to travel through the continual innovation. It’s a joy to have you as part of the photo community. Happy Photo Challenge.

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  3. thanks for the info about cell phone use – I need to share that with some folks = and your two leaves are so artsy placed like that – nice frame!

    also – you just inspired me to use a photo I took the other day in our yard – I looked up and saw a leftover nest.
    and good morning to you – (PS did you need sunscreen on xmas)

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    • Good morning to you, too, Yvette! Thank you for reading the info. Isn’t that fascinating. I did some cropping for the first image.
      I actually thought about putting sunscreen. Today is sunny and going to be mid 70 F. It’s like spring comes early. 😀

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  6. Good evening, Amy. Great photos. I love maple leaves. Seeing them brings a smile to my face.
    The information about iPhone photographers is very interesting. I wonder what would qualify a person as an iPhone photographer. As long as I take photos with my iPhone often? Or there is something else?
    Good night.

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  7. Hey amy – here is the updated Friday Food page. I am now going to let it be – it is a once a month challenge (to share food) but I might post on a few fridays through the month.



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