Retrospective, Recap, and Resilient

This year, all my bird posts have received the highest counts in views and comments, according to WP stats. Months after posting these posts, viewers still come to visit them.

Why do we love birds? This 44 second video may explain it a little bit.

Indeed, they are graceful, elegant, beautiful, yet at times, they are determined; they are happy, loving, and caring, yet playful and can be naughty; they are diligent, yet sensitive. Most of all, they are intelligent (Somehow, they know they are), yet resilient, each year at nearly the same time, birds take off and travel as much as 15,000 miles (24,150 km) or more in a year.

These photos were captured out in the field, parks, and Texas coastal area, woodpeckers and their babies were from our backyard captured through my kitchen windows, no tripod. It was another long battle of condensing the original version to this final version. 🙂 Hope you like the music, it’s Forrest Gump Feather Theme by Alan Silvestri.

Whenever I see your click or reading your comment, I feel time spending on waiting for these birds, photographing, writing narratives, posting… was all worthwhile. Thank you so much of your thoughtful and inspiring comments.

Happy New Year!

WPC: Resilient

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