Cee’s Foto Challenges: Fun Foto and B&W

This week the topic is Musical Chairs for CFF.  Cee would like to see at least one photo of anything regarding music and one chair.

Here is a fun photo captured chairs and a bunch of music instruments. All are displayed on a big outdoor wall 🙂


cee fun foto


Cee’s B&W for this week is Hot and Cold

Two ladies on a bench. It may look cold, but it was the first week of September on a pretty sunny and warm day.

0w5a0707-edit-edit B&W

Cee black-white-banner

Thank you for visiting! 🙂

37 thoughts on “Cee’s Foto Challenges: Fun Foto and B&W

  1. I had to laugh at Cindy’s comment because just today I was moaning about my hair. LOL Are we ever happy with ourselves? What a creative post, Amy. Do you find these images in your archives or do you actually find places to photograph after the photo challenge is set?


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