“Money can buy me happiness. It’s called Food”

9gag on Instagram says, “Money can buy me happiness. It’s called Food.” ๐Ÿ™‚

Pasta and noodles always make me happy. The flavor of this pasta dishย was memorable.


I can’t say enough about the delicious Japanese udon. Thick wheat flour noodles topped with fish was delicious!


Ah…the combination of the special cheese and hand-made pasta!


Chef Sohocki was recognized by a food magazine, “Chef Sohocki is uncompromising… he’s doing things no other chef would ever consider. .. Few people have the courage and the work ethic to do that.” This pasta dish (below) was more than perfect.


Asian pasta topped with crispy chicken that I had in London was delightful.


The rosemary lamb pasta that I had in Seattle a couple of weeks ago was so very special. Thank you, dear Thai! โค


I think the best experience of eatingย that I have had this yearย is the restaurant in Copenhagen. The Chef walkedย me through the dishes he made and pointed the deserts that I should try. I regret I took only a few photos. The chef said to me, “I start my day beforeย 6 am and work until 9 pm, four days a week. When I’m off work here, I plan the menu for the upcoming week menu and visit various markets and talk to farmers… I like my job because fine food makes people very happy.”

Every dish was carefully prepared and beautifully presented!



Thanks to The Heart that Gives, Gather for sharing this heartwarmingย video. This young man witnesses happiness.

Kindness and happiness for WPC Itโ€™s Not This Time of Yearย Withoutโ€ฆ

Thank you for visiting. Have a great week!

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