Mobile Photography: Macro (Butterflies)


As the temperature has been down to 70s/60s F from 80s during daytime. The last bunch of butterflies are on the way to Mexico for the warm weather.


Have a happy and safe fly! 🙂


These photos were taken with iPhone 6; made a few basic edits for the first two photos. No edits, but added vignette for the third one.

Submitting to Sally’s Mobile Phone Challenge: Macro

Thank you for visiting! This is a scheduled post, I will respond you comment later today. 🙂

74 thoughts on “Mobile Photography: Macro (Butterflies)

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  2. Oh, how gorgeous your Butterflies are, Amy! The photographs show every soft parts on them, as well as the lovely spots with outlines. I will join others by adding, “Safe travel mercies!”


  3. Amy, the detail in these images are incredible. And to know they were taken with your iPhone 6 blows me away. My next phone is going to be an iPhone. These pictures cannot be beat!!! Truly unbelievable! I’m still sitting here stunned not believing these were not taken with your Canon. Wow! ❤

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