Mysterious To Miraculous (Chihuly’s Glass Sculpture)


I used to think that it was the glass that was so mysterious, and then

I discovered that it was the air that went into it that was so miraculous.

~ Dale Chihuly


The Blue and Spring Green Chandelier) by Dale Chihuly is displayed under the glass rotunda at the entrance to the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Before the chandelier could even be installed, the V&A had to reinforce the ceiling. Cleaning the chandelier requires specialist techniques. It is cleaned piece by piece by a technician on a raised platform. The technician moves slowly around the chandelier cleaning each individual spike and tendril of glass with an antistatic wand made of plastic filaments.                   — Wikipedia 

WPC: Transmogrify

56 thoughts on “Mysterious To Miraculous (Chihuly’s Glass Sculpture)

  1. Good morning, Amy,
    That’s ever so fantastic! Thanks for showing. I must admit that, with all my stays in London, I’ve never been to the V&A. What an omission! Shame on me.
    Have a great Sunday,
    P.S.: Now that I’m back home from our “raltrailsroadtrip”, I’ll comment more frequently again.

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