The ‘Seeing Differently’ Challenge (Part 2)

How to see things differently via our lens? Robyn explains, “Look at ordinary things – look at objects, people or animals, reflections, movement – watch the light and shadow – look at textures (on a tree or a wall or textiles?) – look at organic and man made – look closely and look far away. In focus or not in focus…”

Seeing some of the details and shapes of the bridge from the lower level than from the top.


Having shifted camera a little bit, I was able to get a better view of the lines and textures of the door and a better focus on these three unique door locks.


For this one, I sat on the cobblestones and got my elbows closer to the ground, then started snapping. Seeing differently, indeed 🙂 


To get this shot (below), I was on the ground then leant on my shoulder. Btw, the ground was kind of wet. 🙂


With the three photos posted last week, I have done 7 of 15 photos for Robyn’s Seeing Differently Challenge. Take a look of her beautiful and creative photos.

If you want to join, click here.


Thank you for visiting! 🙂

41 thoughts on “The ‘Seeing Differently’ Challenge (Part 2)

  1. These are SO cool, Ame! What is the last one of? Curious minds here …. that bridge’s designs I couldn’t stop staring at and the one of the cobblestones way way awesome! You’ve given me some ideas to run with … Thank you and great job with this post!! ❤


  2. These are so great Amy and exactly what this challenge is about!!
    I’m so glad you wet your shoulder 😉 and got down on the cobblestones – your images are wonderful. Just love seeing differently 😀 Thanks for sharing x


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