October OPF and Cee’ B&W


This month, Stacy give us a chance to work with Y. Prior’s (Priohouse) beautiful photo. For this one, I used Lightroom and did basic edits, then used a couple of filters in  Efex Color Pro, and finalized the photo with a frame in ON1.

Below is the original photo by Y. Prior:


Visit Stacy’s OPF to see how bloggers and photographers respond to this challenge.



Cee’s B&W: Liquid


Cee black-white-banner

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38 thoughts on “October OPF and Cee’ B&W

  1. Love, love, love the framing effect, Amy! And I quite like how you toned down the highlights of the front doors. And your hard crop really does work very well. Makes the room feel very cozy. As for your water image, well done in freezing the movement of those fun fountains and nice tonal contrast too!

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    • Thank you, Stacy for your wonderful feedback and encouraging comment. I first decreased the exposure, then add the lights back in a few areas. Glad you like the frame, it made the photo a little more interesting to look at. 🙂 I hope to learn from you, I really like how you transform the room. 🙂


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