The ‘Seeing Differently’ Challenge (Part 1)

Robyn (robynsfineart) encourages us to “Try to see things differently and see what we can find. … 15 images that interest or inspire us – to get us to look at everything – and to look in a different way than we ever have before… or to stop and take notice when something catches our eye.”

I took a few photos on a rainy day. The back yard looks like an aquarium through the window.

the back yard looks an aquarium on a rainy day (shooting through the patio window)

Then, I spotted two lovely leaves sitting on another wet window, I ran outside and clicked quickly.


Sunlight dancing on water made me smile.


I’m sharing my first 3 of the 15 photos for this challenge. If you would like to join, click here and see Robyn’s beautiful, creative, and inspiring “see differently” photos.

Thank you for visiting!

70 thoughts on “The ‘Seeing Differently’ Challenge (Part 1)

  1. Wow, Amy. They look amazing! I love them. With this kind of view I would pray for rain everyday! 😉 I wonder how the view looks in a sunny day…
    Have a wonderful day. I will have these photos in mind for a long while…


  2. Wow Amy!! These images are gorgeous and really make my heart sing! There is so much imagination and life in each one. Such a brilliant start to the challenge. Thank you for sharing 😃


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