The ‘Seeing Differently’ Challenge (Part 1)

Robyn (robynsfineart) encourages us to “Try to see things differently and see what we can find. … 15 images that interest or inspire us – to get us to look at everything – and to look in a different way than we ever have before… or to stop and take notice when something catches our eye.”

I took a few photos on a rainy day. The back yard looks like an aquarium through the window.

the back yard looks an aquarium on a rainy day (shooting through the patio window)

Then, I spotted two lovely leaves sitting on another wet window, I ran outside and clicked quickly.


Sunlight dancing on water made me smile.


I’m sharing my first 3 of the 15 photos for this challenge. If you would like to join, click here and see Robyn’s beautiful, creative, and inspiring “see differently” photos.

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