Mobile Photo Challenge : Nature and The Sleep Cycle



Submitting to Sally’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Nature. The dry leaf was captured with my iPhone 6 while I taking a Sunday morning walk. I’m very pleased with details.



Are you familiar with this app? I just downloaded an app called “Sleep Cycle” a couple days ago. It counts the hours you sleep and shows when and how long you sleep, deep sleep, and/or stay awake, hour by hour. A week later, I should be able to view my sleep pattern. This app keeps my iPhone busy 24/7.

“It’s one of the most hassle-free ways to monitor your night, and at 99 cents, it’s the best deal in dreamland.”  –NYTime

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49 thoughts on “Mobile Photo Challenge : Nature and The Sleep Cycle

  1. Amy, first since I have ongoing sleep issues, how does the app monitor an individual? It sounds fascinating. Now your first image of the tree line intrigues: those leggy and curving trunks. The leaf is a perfect example of autumn’s character, and the detail (as you said) gives much to ponder. Happy Photo Challenge.


    • Thank you for your thoughtful feedback, Sally!
      The app uses the motion detector to monitor, then generates into a stats report.. Fascinating. I was skeptical about it. But, it works. 🙂 They offer a 30-day trail.


      • Love your photos, Amy. I saw a leaf like that in the park yesterday and stared at it for a while 😉 Amazingly beautiful!
        The app sounds very interesting to me too. My question is… after you found out your sleeping pattern, what can you do with it? Will one sleep better?
        Thanks. Have a great day.


        • I had the same question before I downloaded. I thought if I tried it I’d be able to figure out. It gives day-by-day and week-by-week comparisons. Now, I know what day and time of the night I sleep better and worst. Maybe, I can find out why, so to improve it.
          It may not be so beneficial. Btw, they offer 30 day free trail, but you won’t get the report.

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          • Thanks, Amy. Do you set the phone to airplane mode when you sleep? (I hope. 😉 There are so many reports about this and that. It’s hard to know which one is true anymore. I think using airplane mode won’t hurt anyway, right?
            Have a wonderful evening.

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            • Thank you so much for your concern. It’s a wise advice, Helen. The company and users are recommending too. I used it due to my bad sleep pattern after I came back from my trip. Luckily, my normal sleep pattern is back this week. I was thinking this morning I might not need to monitor after this week. 🙂 I appreciate you making such an effort to let me know.

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    • Hi Gilly, We are only a few miles from the trail that I normally go on Sunday, which is a 8-mile long nature-preserved trail; also only 3 miles or so away from farms and ranches. :); and miles and miles away from the big city.


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