Cee’s Which Way: Tube


London’s subway system is called the Tube or Underground, never “subway”. According to Rick Steves, the Tube is one of this planet’s great people-movers.


The Oyster is the Tube ticket. You can select the amount you want to buy, check the balance, and add the credit through a touch screen machine.

When we were trying to use the machine to check the balance of the Oyster, a service person politely offered us help. When it’s done, I thanked him and said, “I wish we had Oyster in Texas. ” He said to me, “Why not move to London.”  “I’d have to learn English all over again.” I replied, he laughed. 🙂  I like to make service people laugh.


Below is the Victoria station. Tube stops and the train station are under one roof with lots of restaurants and shops, and outside of this huge building is surrounded by red buses.



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57 thoughts on “Cee’s Which Way: Tube

  1. That is really a great system, Amy, isn’t it? I agree with you. The best way to move around in London fast – unless you want to see things while you’re moving. Then you need to take the bus, on the upper decks, of course. If you can find a seat there and if you’re prepared to move (very) slowly at times. I remember walking down Oxford Street and actually overtaking the buses! And that not only once, but frequently.
    Have a great weekend,

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  2. Great overview of The Tube, Amy. There is so much going on there, such a populated transportation system and well-used. And aren’t those steep escalators crazy? You captured it well in your photo, showing how deeply people go below the earth. Nice you had a helpful service person, and your return comment was great fun. You made me laugh too. 😀 Have a fun weekend~~

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    • I was overwhelmed by the size of the Victoria station. Such an amazing transportation system. Service people at the stations were patient and willing to help. I appreciate their service very much.
      Thank you for reading and your thoughtful comment. 🙂 You, too, enjoy the weekend.

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    • Thank you, Tom! I didn’t hear any bomb threats at the station. I recall they had a lot of transportation and garbage strikes in the late 90s, almost every other day when we were there. It was chaotic!


  3. Fun post, Amy! We have a system in DC called the Metro. Since I now live in the city, I’m learning how to use it, and of course photographing it too 🙂 So far I haven’t been stopped. I do know it’s illegal to photograph the NYC subway system. I didn’t know that originally and did take some of my favorite photos there 🙂 Glad you didn’t get nabbed, as these are wonderful shots!

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    • I didn’t know Seattle has the same automated ticketing system. We have light rail in Dallas and one (only one) in Austin. I normally either thank service people sincerely or take time to make them laugh. It’s a job takes a lot of patience and people skills that I admire.


    • I think I like London Tube the best. Stations like Victoria and Kings Cross are amazing in size and very busy, but everything is in good order. They were announcing the upcoming strike when we were there.


  4. Beautiful photos, Amy!! Love the movement you got in the first too, and I laughed out loud when you said you would have to learn English all over again if you moved to London. Really enjoyed these images and your commentary. Thank you! ❤

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  7. Outsanding photos of the London tube,dear Amy!I love travelling on the tube especially to go to the outer London.Subway has a different meaning in the UK.Love to you dear friend Amy ❤ 🙂
    PS:Trying to empty my packed email inbox …

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