Cee’s Which Way: Tube


London’s subway system is called the Tube or Underground, never “subway”. According to Rick Steves, the Tube is one of this planet’s great people-movers.


The Oyster is the Tube ticket. You can select the amount you want to buy, check the balance, and add the credit through a touch screen machine.

When we were trying to use the machine to check the balance of the Oyster, a service person politely offered us help. When it’s done, I thanked him and said, “I wish we had Oyster in Texas. ” He said to me, “Why not move to London.”  “I’d have to learn English all over again.” I replied, he laughed. 🙂  I like to make service people laugh.


Below is the Victoria station. Tube stops and the train station are under one roof with lots of restaurants and shops, and outside of this huge building is surrounded by red buses.



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