Cee’s Which Way (9-18-16)



These two photos were taken with no tripod. I bumped up the ISO, the results are okay. For the second photo, I leaned against a wall to capture the street lights.

Cee offers five weekly themes plus the “Monthly Composition Yourself” and the “Flower of the Day”.  She also participates numbers of other challenges. I admire Cee’s dedication to our blog community and passion for photography! Ceenphotography.com is a great place to learn, share, and connect.

Recently, her blog has reached 539,319 hits! Truly amazing. Congratulations, Cee!


Happy Sunday! 🙂

37 thoughts on “Cee’s Which Way (9-18-16)

  1. Good morning, Amy,
    The results -even with ISO bumped up – are certainly ok. Sometimes I try to get a grainier look in my pictures with a bumped-up ISO. Depends on the motif.
    Have a great Sunday,

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  2. Beautifully done, Amy. Even with bumping the ISO up I hardly notice any grain or even shake. Very clear. I really try too avoid bumping up the ISO as I really like clarity in my photos. Clever to lean against the wall – the street lights look like they are in a very straight line 🙂 Hope you had a good weekend and have a good week ahead 🙂


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