Cee’s Which Way: Runway (9/9/2016)


It was a 2-hour waiting at the airport. A while later, I started clicking through the waiting room window.




I have never seen this plane before (see below). Hubby explains that it’s Airbus A380. It has two levels that has the capacity of transporting 525 passengers (with more business-class seats).


Now these days, you can easily get a lot of work done via iPhone or smart phones while waiting at the airport. I downloaded a few books onto my iP 6+. I could not only read, but also email, text, blog, and take photos through this little device. Thanks to Steve Jobs!

This guy was using iPad talking to his kids and wife via the Skype:


2-hour waiting and 9-hour flight from the DFW, we arrived at London Heathrow Airport on time. 🙂


After going through the passport control, we were transported to another terminal by a bus. This terminal was a little chaotic, say the least. they changed the gate three times, but passengers were patient and cooperative. A couple hours later, we got on another bus, it took us right to the plane. We then walked up to the plane, one hour and 50 minutes we were in Denmark. Amazing!



More about the Airbus A 380 Click HERE

Thank you for visiting! Have a great Friday 🙂

36 thoughts on “Cee’s Which Way: Runway (9/9/2016)

  1. Good morning, Amy,
    You should fly Airbus 380 some time: that plane really is amazing. I’ve taken it quite a few times by now, between Houston and Frankfurt.
    Have a great weekend,

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          • For me, the reason to fly Lufthansa is not so much that it is a German airline, but the fact that they are the only airline that always uses 4-engine planes across the big pond. That, to my mind, is a safety factor, even with the reliability of modern jet engines. But should 1 engine in a 2-engine plane fail, well … there’s just one left for the remainder of the journey. And, as I always say, those big planes have dismal gliding qualities. 😉 The other factor that decides me is that with Lufthansa I can get the high-speed train from Frankfurt to Cologne [or Bonn rather, which nearly always is my destination] for free. It is included in the regular airfare.


            • This explains, I’m sold. We flew Lf a few times, I was impressed by the efficiency and the the connection of train and airport. A few years ago, we were at the Frankfurt airport looking for the right train. A service people with the red jacket approached us and politely offered help. And, the train and stations are really awesome!

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  2. I love those A-380s. The first time I went in, I had no idea it was the A380, and I saw a person searching for his seat at the tail-end of the plane before a steward gently guided him to a spiral staircase, and I mouthed a quiet “wow”. 😀

    And now I am waiting for my Danish! 😀


  3. Amy, you are living a life I only dream of!! That London airport pic is unbelievable and that Airbus, I never saw one either! I hope you are all caught up on the jet lag, one thing I do not miss from traveling that much. On the other hand, you are getting to see this world. And I thank you for sharing it here so I can see it. Bless you, Amy!!! ❤


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