Have you had breakfast yet?


Last week I did a post entitled Take Chances Be Happy when I was still traveling in London. Using the WP app and through the slow WiFi through my iPhone, I finally managed to put it out.  We then rushed to the train station for a day long tour. I was so thrilled to read your comments on the train. 🙂


When husband really wanted to try a good old English breakfast, I looked around while walking on the street, this small family run restaurant caught my eye. As soon as we walked in, I loved everything I saw there. “How nice.” I said. “You can eat in our garden if you like.” the waitress suggested. When hubby saw smoke ashtrays, he declined.


Hubby ordered the full English breakfast, two eggs, sausage, hash brown, toast, beans… As you can tell, he indulged quickly.

The eggs and toast were perfect and pleasantly delicious.


They didn’t forget to be awesome. I’m sure the owner and the chef (his wife) have been this awesome every single day for many years.


I even got a recipe for free. I shall carry it for a long, long time:


Yes, 1 Packet of Life Loving. ❤

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Thank you for visiting! 🙂

40 thoughts on “Have you had breakfast yet?

  1. Thanks for taking us with you into this delightful London restaurant, Amy. I loved seeing the menu and studied it. So British with the beans and tomatoes, and wonderful tasty treats. Your photos give a wonderful sense of the Londonesque setting and the recipe is great. Very fun post.

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      • Oh yes, I agree as to German breakfasts. They soooooooooooooo good – nowadays. I still remember the days of my youth, though, when all you got was 2 breadroll with jam and, if you were lucky, one or 2 slices of cheese and/or cold cuts. But nowadays, with breakfast buffets, you usually have a wide variety of choices.


  2. Gorgeous place and mindful images. You can feel the character of this place through your images, Amy. I miss English breakfast. I lived in London for one year when I was young! So it is still my second “home”! 🙂


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