Capturing The Moment

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Capturing a moment in nature like this one doesn’t always guarantee a great photography, but the joy is immense.

Watching bird in flight is fun. 🙂

WPC: Fun! 

118 thoughts on “Capturing The Moment

  1. What a shot, Amy. Spectacular and this is a click that could easily be featured in a magazine. BIrds are graceful and brave creatures, and you captured these two traits in this photo and the pose you captured these traits very well with this shot. Bravo 🙂


  2. I take my hat off to you Amy. I’ll never take a shot like this one. But I am getting very good at sitting in the garden watching the swifts turning in flight while drinking lemonade. That’s me drinking the lemonade, not the swifts.

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    • If there is one photo that I don’t want you to miss, it’d be this one. Thank you for letting me know you like it, Simon.
      I doubt I’ll have another chance to take a shot of an egret like this photo.
      I, too, have been drinking lemonade on this hot summer day. 🙂

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    • Thank you, Dragon. The egret was flying, then he decided to turn his head toward me and paused for a half second, but my shutter speed was set for capturing this flying egret. 🙂


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