Mobile Photography Challenge: Nature (Bees)

I didn’t think iPhone had the capability of captureing a flying bee. I clicked a few shots with my iPhone since I didn’t bring my Canon with me.

I guess I was so wrong about iPhone.


When the bee was slowing down, I moved my iPhone a little closer to the flower:

img_3013-bee 2

When the bee was working hard there, I pushed my iPhone even closer (see below).

I think the iPhone outdid itself.


Made basic edits in the Lightroom.

Sally’s Mobile Photography Challenge for this week is Nature. She has created a great place for us to not only share our photos taken with smart phones. :), but also help us learn about iphotography.

For this week’s challenge, Sally said, “But even as the photograph freezes and punctuates a moment in real time, the image as story boldly marks more than a visual replica. This single image of Yosemite had a transformative effect: one that is forever engraved in the mind’s way of seeing and interpreting.”

Sally’s iPhone photo of the Yosemite Falls is stunning!!


Happy Tuesday!

57 thoughts on “Mobile Photography Challenge: Nature (Bees)

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  2. You got Awesome shots with an iPhone. These photos are incredible!! The edits on the iPhone are pretty cool too. I have found it has an amazing camera… If you are patient. I hear the iPhone 6+ is amazing. I have the 5c and love it!! Love, love the bee going in for the gold!!


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