Look Up (Decor and JapaneseTemple)

IMG_2750-Edit-Edit- lookup

Nancy Thanki said that we often don’t pay attention to what’s directly above us and we’re more likely to focus on what’s in front of us rather than what’s overhead.

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The Japanese Garden, San Francisco

I look up more often than look down though whenever I’m carrying my camera. The first photo was captured with iPhone 6 at a restaurant. I have had iPhone 6 almost two years, I’m still impressed with its result. This one didn’t even need cropping. 🙂

WPC: Look Up


62 thoughts on “Look Up (Decor and JapaneseTemple)

  1. I like the symbolism of looking up, as well! the way that perspective gives you lovely photo opportunities. Looking skyward is an optimistic point of view, I think. 🙂 Beautiful photo captures. The color red is spectacularly clear and vibrant!


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  3. Can’t believe it’s i-Phoneography,dear Amy!Both images are compelling but the second one is really stunning!How did you manage to capture the beautiful Japanese building all the way up?Incredible upward perspective and sharpness 🙂 ❤ xxx


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