Opposites: Raindrops on Thorns

For this week’s WPC Opposites, Ben Huberman explains, “I love the power of a single frame to bring together conflicting elements. Sometimes the result is harmonious, a peaceful coexistence of unnatural allies. Sometimes the tension remains unresolved.”

Three flying egrets

Three flying egrets

The photo of the raindrops and cactus may not “bring together conflicting elements…”, I’m hoping it interprets the opposite of heavy and light, hard and soft, and smooth and textured as Ben describes.

WPC: Opposites

57 thoughts on “Opposites: Raindrops on Thorns

  1. Holy c*** that’s a beautiful shot! Those liquid spheres perched upon the narrow tips and hanging between two bristles…lovely beyond words! It’s magic, I tells ya! 😀


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      • When I come back I usually visit most of your posts I have missed,but it is impossible for you to spot my comments on them as you have to go on with your new posts.I’ll pay so visits today too 🙂 ❤ xxx


        • Pleas do, but only when you have time. I know you are busy, just do a quick click, it will make me very happy! I’ll be taking a trip in the mid of August, can’t wait! 🙂 xxx ❤

          Liked by 1 person

          • Oh,my sweet friend Amy,you always make me feel comfortable when I am away and feel so embarrassed when I come back.I dared put up a few photos from Santorini on Flickr but I didn’t expect to have so many visits and likes in the middle of the summer when most people are on holidays.I was unexpectedly committed there 🙂 ❤ xxx CU at your place ❤ xxx


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