Napa Valley Wine Country



It was some 60 miles between San Francisco and Napa Valley. As you can see the heavy traffic on the opposite side, people were driving back to the San Francisco area on Sunday. They say that it’s a 90-minute driving between SF to Napa Valley, Sunday traffic from Napa might take a lot longer.


Beautiful hills, and the sky, clouds…


Green field, blue sky, and valley, what’s more to ask.




It’s even more beautiful in the early morning.



Lovely narrow, winding road to drive through.


I kept saying that the valley reminded me of Beaune and Dijon of France, but hubby did not agree.

I’m glad some of the shots from the car turned out okay.  I tried to use shuttle speed priority most of the time.

See more clouds at the Daily Prompt. Thank you for visiting! 🙂

43 thoughts on “Napa Valley Wine Country

  1. Good morning Amy,,
    I’d say it reminds me of Italy, Tuscany to be more precise. Well, not the winding road so much, but the (rolling) hills. Except for the fact that Tuscany, to my mind, doesn’t have densely wooded areas. Anyway: wonderful pictures.
    Enjoy your day,

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  2. Gorgeous place. The name Napa valley always catches my attention… even as a child when I used to play the game Road Rash. 🙂

    Wonderful pics as usual. What lens did you use to shoot this?


  3. Unfortuately, I was not able to travel to Napa when I was in San Franciso. These are beautiful pictures! Makes me want to take a vacation out there very soon!!


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