Partners: Our Best Friend

“This week, share an image of partners. A pair, a trio, a sextet; people, buildings, plants — whatever you choose to shoot, give us subjects that are in tune with one another.” ~


I chose dogs for this week’s theme. We had Evan, a Siberian Husky, for 13 years and Mackenzie, a King Charles spaniel, for 12 years. They kept each other company for a few years. Evan was competitive; he told me where to go, where to make a turn, and when he was ready to come home. Evan had no intention to be anyone’s partner, he wanted to be a lead dog. Mackenzie was a sweet company for morning and evening walks and loved to sit on my lap. I miss both of them.

Big or small dogs, all love to run, hike, and walking.



Some even want to learn how to kayak, he/she can be a fun partner. 🙂


You definitely need a partner to enjoy a day-long canoeing. These photos were taken at the Town River and trails in Austin, Texas:


WPC: Partners

Have a great day!

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