The Story Behind a Door

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More than 400 wineries dot the fertile soils of Napa Valley, one of the world’s premier viticultural regions.

Most visitors rush into the winery paying very little attention to these beautiful doors.


Behind the door, you can spend hours wandering around and tasting various wine, and learn how they make the fine wine.


These sparkling wines were exceptional (see photo below). At the Castello di Amorosa, you get to choose guided tour for $40 each person, $50 for the tour and wine tasting, and $60 for the tour followed by an intimate tasting in a designed room, including a selection of local cheeses.


Behind the door, you also get to hear the stories and history of winery of Napa Valley.

In response to ‘ Daily post the Story Behind a Door. Notice the pretty curves of the last photo, nice shadows of the wine glasses.

Have a great day!

38 thoughts on “The Story Behind a Door

  1. I’ve darkened the door of more than a few of Napa’s wineries and I’m looking forward to passing through a few more later this year. Castello di Amorosa is on my very long list of possible stopping points. Thanks for your peek behind the door. This winery is moving up on my list.

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  2. Great idea for a post. Those are lovely doors. Napa is such a wonderful place for things like that. I have been there a few times recently and really enjoyed my visits. And I am going back this weekend for lunch in Calistoga. It is heating up like crazy though…


    • Thank you for visiting! I heard it like 90s this week, but it was much cooler last week when we were there. You took much better photos of Napa than I did. Calistoga is really nice. I enjoyed the bakery and coffee located in Calistoga DT. 🙂

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  4. Wow! I never recall having to paying for a tour in Napa Valley. I guess the grape counters figured out that there was another way to make money. Sonoma and the Livermore Valley have a laid back atmosphere and are not as crowded if you return for another visit. I have always enjoyed the smaller wineries over the big ones.


  5. Tasty the wines dear Amy,but the photo of the first door is really uplifting.The pointed arch symbolises our prayers and our innate desire to reach the divine … 🙂 xxx
    PS:I’ll come back tomorrow and enjoy the rest of your new posts :)<3


    • Thank you for finding time to visit me, dear Doda! So happy to see you. 🙂 I apology for being later in responding your comment.
      I know you are busy, no rush. xxx ❤


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  7. What a magnificent door! And I loved the wine glasses and their shadows! Love Napa… But oh the tour prices made me cringe. We enjoyed Sonoma Valley and their laid back attitude.

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    • Thank you for spending time here while you are working on a big project! Napa is such a beautiful for vacation, but everything is so expensive… I like the laid back style of Sonoma better than other valley towns. Have a nice weekend by the beautiful lake. 🙂

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