The Art of Japanese Calligraphy

FullSizeRender (16)-BnW

This photo is in response to Sally’s Mobile Photo Challenge: Black and White

I love how Sally describes Urban art. She says, “Urban art can be discovered in the most familiar and unfamiliar places. It is embedded in the popular culture, arising after art slid from museum walls and moved to the floor–inside and out. Then image makers found space on the outer walls of buildings, where blank canvases beckoned.”

Japanese calligraphy is admired as work of art. I saw an array of beautiful Japanese calligraphy posted in a restaurant.

The curves of each characters are beautifully done. Here is the color version:

FullSizeRender (16)-3


Cee’s Flower of the day





Happy Wednesday! 🙂

47 thoughts on “The Art of Japanese Calligraphy

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  2. Magnificent Japanese calligraphy Amy!It’s pure art with a philosophical sense and so close to Chinese Calligraphy.Your photos nicely display it,they are sort of paintings.The b/w version is more classic though.Beautiful your floral images too,I particularly like your yesterday flower with its dry sepals and its sweet coral pink colour 🙂 xxx


  3. I just glimpsed this in the reader yesterday so I’m really glad I came back, Amy. I love your imaginative curves, and I surprised myself by preferring the black and white version 🙂 Hope you’re having a good week.


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