The Phelan Building for WPC Curve

0W5A5706 Curve

The Phelan Building is a San Francisco Designated Landmark, at the meeting point of Market Street, O’Farrell Street, and Grant Ave. The building was designed by William Curlett. The original building was damaged by the 1906 earthquake and fire.


The building above is a future home of a bank.

WPC: Curve

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61 thoughts on “The Phelan Building for WPC Curve

  1. I thought the San Franciscans denied there was an earthquake in 05….:D
    The second building is lovely too, though it’s a little depressing that only banks build big these days…..sigh!
    Thank you for sharing these Amy! 🙂

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  3. Missed you Amy my friend.You came back so dynamically with those towering buildings!I look up and up,there is no end,I am lost in the vastness of the skies!Great curves,fabulous your architectural images with the incredible upward perspective 🙂 ❤ xxx


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