The backyard has not been so quiet…

I have seen a few new comers in our backyard lately. The Chickadee is one of them, Black-crested Titmouse is another, and European Starlings have been around.

Won’t you believe a young Woodpecker couple came for house hunting? 🙂 They both were interested in Mr. and Mrs. W nest. But the European Starlings have already made an offer.

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The other day, Mrs. woodpecker showed up by the nest for a long while (15 min. or so) and then went inside of the nest.


A couple of minutes later, the Starling flew by and chased her away.

0W5A4483 6-9

The Starling quickly went into the nest. Mr. W want to the top of the tree and was watching carefully, as soon as Starling flew out of the nest, Mr. W dashed toward the Starling and chased down him/her big time. My camera didn’t pick up the shuttle speed, I guess the reflections of the dirty window didn’t help.

0W5A4833 6-6

Cardinals, Blue Jays, Doves, Black-throated Sparrows… all got excited as they were watching the chase and fight between Mr. W and the Starling. It not normal for Woodpeckers to come back to the same nest (according to my reading), but I can’t help to think Mr. and Mrs. W may want to break the rule. Btw, I haven’t seen the Starlings for two days, maybe they backed out the offer.

Little cute Miss Titmouse and the Chickadee are two new kids on the block.

Mr. Cardinal doesn’t like to dine with companies, except with Mrs. C. He enforces the rule around the feeder area. Miss. T was sneaky though, she parked herself quietly there making sure Mr. C won’t see her.

0W5A2671-Edit-Edit-Edit 6-9

Thought Mr. C didn’t see her, he did felt the weight on the other side. “Who is there?”

Little Ms. T didn’t answer, but kept eating.

0W5A2680 6-9

 “Who are you?” Mr. C got a little impatient…

0W5A2683-Edit-Edit 6-9

“Who? me?” Miss T looked around.

0W5A2687-Edit-Edit 6-9

When we put out the feeder, Sparrows are the first group to fly in and eat quickly, then Cardinals rush in. When the Blue Jay shows up, Cardinals have to go, and when Woodpecker is hungry, the Blue Jay has to stay away and wait, and he is courteous.

0W5A2329-Edit-2-Edit 6-9

Doves are gentle and friendly, they get along with everyone. These two are a happy couple.

0W5A4785-Edit 6-6

Mr. and Mrs. W brought their two youngsters for a short visit. What a delightful surprise!

Both have grown so much. 🙂

I will be taking a breakfor a week or so, will visit you through my iPhone if WiFi is available. 🙂


This week’s two-phrase story by Dr. Hb:

“I felt my heart beat slower…..”

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“…and senses grew insensate.”

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