June One Photo Focus and Flower of the Day

Cee’s Flower of the Day







_MG_4131-Edit-3-water lillie

Stacy’s One Photo Focus occurs on the first Friday of each month. She provides a photo for the participants to edit or make transformation. And if you would like to join One Photo Focus, you can find the details on the After-Before Friday Forum page.

As usual, I use both Lightroom and the a few filters in the Efex Color Pro to get the after version. The before (below) is a beautiful photo by David Croker of CADEPhotographic.


See some creative transformation works, click here… 

Thank you for visiting! 🙂

59 thoughts on “June One Photo Focus and Flower of the Day

  1. Yesterday or tomorrow the beauty in your photos is unaltered and both your floral macros are fascinating dear Amy!The light you spread over the waterscape is magical,it has the tonalities of a balmy summer evening.Our mutual friend,Yvette,has removed the power lines but as I told her they sometimes resemble a staff in the sky where only the musical notes are missing … The pylons in the distance after your transformation are nicely faded and look like towers,like art constructions.Beautifully done,dear friend 🙂 xxx


    • Thank you, Mabel! It’s fun to work on OPF as a group. It gives me a chance to see how one can change the outlook of a photo. I apologize for being late to reply your comment.

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    • Good morning, Helen. Thank you so much for asking! We have been getting lots of rain, luckily no flood here. According to news, between the east of Austin and Houston have had bad flood.


  2. Hi Amy – really like your final result – such a warm color tone –
    And the thing that strikes me a lot is the cloud in the water in your edit – I like it so much and it has a presence in the composition that adds to the mood of the weather —- hmm

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