Will I see you again….

There wasn’t a sign, not a hint. One day last week, when I woke up in the early morning, I sensed that they were gone…

Photos below were taken a couple of days right before the Woodpecker family left.

Here the younger one was peeking out while waiting for Mum to come home with food. She wished to be outside.

0W5A4377 -last week of

Mom and Dad worked hard to make sure their kids get plenty fruits, seeds, and insects to eat. But they didn’t always find time to eat, so we put out the bird feeder for them in the evening.

0W5A4344-Edit -last week of

“What’s going on up there?” W Jr. was so curious.

0W5A4445 -last week of

Jr. had a perfect posture (see photo below), exactly like his mom/dad posted whenever they were ready to fly out. Jr. was ready to fly.

0W5A4420 -last week of

Both kids were well loved by their parents.


Below is a special photo capture of the Woodpecker family.

0W5A4389- gone

The day before W family left, Mr. W did a major cleaning up carrying out a lot of junk out of their nest, and I thought it might be a sign that they’d stay a little longer.

Both have shared their responsibilities of raising their nestlings. They have so much to be proud of. Mr. W went up to the top of the tree, as if he was posing for me. 🙂  

0W5A4260-Edit-Edit-Edit- gone

Good luck to you and your kids, Mr. and Mrs. W! Thank you so much for choosing our backyard for your first nestlings. We were privileged of having you. Gonna miss you terribly… Stay safe! ❤

Do you spend your spare time watching birds? I haven’t watched daily lives of birds like this one, so it really is a wonderful adventure for me.

  • Male and female woodpeckers work together to excavate a cavity in a tree that is used as a nest and to incubate eggs for about two weeks.

  • One parent brings food to the nest while the other parent stays with the young. The young generally leave the nest after 25 – 30 days.

  • Woodpeckers tap an estimated 8,000-12,000 times per day.


I have done a few posts for the Woodpecker family. The very first photo of the W family was capture on April 22, about 5 weeks ago. I’m pretty sure they moved in two, three weeks earlier.

Our New Neighbors (4/24/2016) See how Mr and Mrs W start their family.


New Development (5/1/2016) See how Mr. and Mr. W share the responsibilities:


A month later… (5/15/2016) See they how they deal with predators and guard their nest:

0W5A2098-Edit -5-15

The first time… (5/23/2016) See their new babies!

0W5A3625 -5-23

Thank you so much for visiting! 🙂

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