The first time…

0W5A3057 -5-23

As you can tell Squirrel Jr. still is trying to out-smart the feeder which was made to buster squirrels. He just doesn’t get it!

Two days ago, I saw Mr. W back in the early evening with mud all over him; he looked like he just had a big battle. He didn’t go to the nest, but went up to the top of his nest tree. He stood up there for a few minutes, shook off the mud, then laid on the tree trunk to scratch off the mud. He did repeatedly, until he got himself cleaned.

0W5A3468 -5-23

The same morning, he did a major cleanup carrying out a bunch of junk from the nest to wherever. This probably was why he went to the lake had a mud bath and did what he did. He could have done a few other times, but it’s my first time seeing it… The photo of what he got from the nest looked pretty gross, so I’m not posting it.

0W5A3501 -5-23

They both have been feeding babies with nuts, seeds, berries, and worms through out the day, a well balanced diet.

0W5A3227 5-23

0W5A3436 -5-23

I have seen Mr. W bringing bigger worms more often then Mrs. W.

0W5A3334 -5-23

Mr. W has multiple duties, he cleans up the nest a few times a week, he shares the responsibility of guarding their nest day and night and feeding the babies.  He looks like a happy, proud father. 🙂

0W5A3537 -5-23

Whenever they both arrive at the nest, Mr. W always steps on the left side of the nest and lets Mrs. W feed the babies first. One time, he was out their waiting as long as 4, 5 minutes. We put out the bird feeder before it gets dark so they can enjoy when other birds are gone, by then they are pretty exhausted.

0W5A3315 5-23

0W5A3703 -5-23

Then this weekend, Baby W showed up!

0W5A3625 -5-23

Below is the first picture I took of the baby and Mr. W. As always, he looks right, left, up, and down a couple of times before she gets in the nest.

0W5A3406 -5-23

I think this one is the big brother:



All photos were taken through a window, please excuse the low quality.

Incubation is by both male and female (with male incubating at night and part of day); it takes 12-14 days. Both parents feed nestlings. Young leave nest about 30 days after hatching, may associate with parents for some time thereafter. 1-2 broods per year, rarely 3.

Here is the previous post I did about how Mr and Mrs W protect the little babies (A month later…):

0W5A1960-Edit-2 -5-15

Thank you for visiting! Have a great week. 🙂

61 thoughts on “The first time…

  1. Amy you are the wildlife paparazzi! Wonderful to see the baby who is looking quite big. I very much enjoy your narrative with the animals. Such a fun post. Do you talk to them as you are taking the photos?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh I love these! I have noticed a woodpecker in my backyard too. I will have to stalk him to get some more shots. I got a few but nothing as cool as these! Keep of the spying, I love seeing them.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Tnaks, Amy, for sharing these pictures! Wonderful! And no matter that they were taken through a window. Sometimes it’s not possible in any other way. Like mine of the baby deer lately. Let;s hope Mr and Mrs W will get their little ones raised safely.
    Have a great day,


  4. It is so very exciting to have a ringside view of a pair of birds preparing for, then feeding, their new hatchlings. Your photos here, attentiveness, and enthusiasm are delightful, Amy. Thanks so much for sharing this lovely flicker story.


  5. OMG ! Finally we have a first glimpse of these babies. I told you they will never leave before giving you enough opportunities to capture. I so much loved this post. Thanks once again for sharing this story with us.


  6. How delightful! I would be so thrilled to have the opportunity to watch this little family go through their careful routines. I’m so glad you shared them with us, Amy. 🙂


  7. I always wait for your fabulous updates on the family and the squirrel, but now I have met the babies I cannot wait for more stories with your gorgeous photos. Thanks Amy – love your posts.


    • This family have grown in front of our windows. It’s fascinating to watch the parents and the babies.
      Thank you, Sue for visiting and giving me encouraging comment.

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  8. The First Time,the first baby contentedness in its warm nest where it receives the caring love of its parents.How sweet and affecting your W -family story is,dear Amy!Incredible your photos and the smashing moments you have captured!I can’t believe my eyes,you have photographed each moment like an experienced bird watcher!Eventually,it’s the love that really matters.Isn’t it? … 🙂 ❤ xxxx


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