A month later…

It was the mid of April when we first noticed Mr. and Mrs. W and their nest in our backyard. Life is getting a bit busier and complicated for them.

Another predator was hiding behind the tree branches. He/She was just a few feet away from the nest.


While Mrs. W was watching the predator, the squirrel was sneaking up to their nest.


Thank Goodness, Mrs. W spotted it! She zipped toward their nest and ready to attack. Squirrel Jr. ran and ran for his life, Mrs. W chased him all the way to the top of the tree. I really thought she was going to kill the squirrel.

0W5A2098-Edit -5-15

After this incident, Mr. and Mrs. W worked out a new strategy to guard their nestlings. When one was out to get food, the other would dash out to the top of a tree or the roof opposite to their nest watching these predators.

As you can imagine, they are busier than ever before. Now they start their busy schedule before 6:30 am and don’t get rest after 8 pm. Look at her face, you can tell Mrs. W does everything in her power to protect her kids:

0W5A1960-Edit-2 -5-15

Meanwhile, the changing shifts of feeding nestlings between them become more frequent. Nestlings are growing fast and need so much more food. We still can’t see them, but we can hear some noises from the nest when we are out in the backyard and if we listen carefully.

The other day Mr. W’s cousin came to visit:

0W5A1761 5-11

“What up, buddy? I’m up here.”

0W5A1762 5-11

Mr. W was so happy to see his cousin. They had a little fun. A couple of minutes later, Mr. W had to go back to the nest.

0W5A1763-Edit 5-11

It looks like Mr. and Mrs. both have lost a lot of weight. The photo below was taken three weeks ago. I love her innocent face.

:0W5A1307 5-11

Yesterday evening Mrs. W flew back and stayed up there for 3, 4 minute, she looked awful. She didn’t get into the nest right way like she always does. Did she have a battle with a predator? I kept wondering…

0W5A2737 -5-15

I suspect two, three weeks later, they’ll start taking the kids out of the nest to teach them flying, find food, and avoid predator. Both probably have already worked out a new plan for kids’ safety. 🙂



It rained a lot yesterday afternoon. But, it didn’t stop Mr. W, he was flying in and out of their nest in the rain to get food and let Mrs. W stay with their babies. Never, underestimate these little birds, their strength and the power of love.

Thank you so much for spending time here!

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90 thoughts on “A month later…

  1. I had missed the May 1st post with the good news and the newly born babies,I am here after reading and enjoying it.The progressive order and the sequence of the photos are incredible,dear Amy!So much action and fun at the same time.Your vivid narration enhances the beauty of each unique moment;the sweet couple in your garden made you a perfect bird watcher 🙂 xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Amy! I can’t get the high shuttle speed work through the window. These two flying shots were just lucky captures. I have heard them before 6:15 am and after 8 pm.


  2. Nicely recorded and told through images. I have scores of birds nesting, especially enjoy the chickadees, house wrens, goldfinches, hummingbirds, and variety of woodpeckers. But all lift my spirits, as they obviously did yours.

    Liked by 1 person

      • It’s frustrating not knowing how old the chicks are to calculate when they might fledge! They’re being very noisy inside 😉 The adult is managing to feed about every 5-10mins. I really want to get some flight shots but there’s a lot of cover around the tree!! I’m hoping to take my mum down to see them this week and check up on the nuthatch nest site too 🙂 It’s such a fun time of year!!


        • I feel the same… Parents are bringing bigger stuff to the nest, chicks must be growing bigger now. 🙂 This nest is probably 12 feet above the ground. All are taken through my kitchen window. I’m pretty sure they know our schedule, I have no doubt that they’ll fly out together in a couple weeks when we are not around. 😦

          Liked by 1 person

          • Yes, the nest I have found is about the same height! The adults always fly to the back of the trunk and then slowly and furtively make their way round to the nest entrance. It’s very funny to watch!! They’re bringing in lots of small larvae I think from looking at the photos so the chicks could still be quite young. I do hope you get to see them before you go away!!


  3. Mr and Mrs W are fabulous parents! I am coming to the story a bit late as I was in Europe on a cruise. I will hopefully get back over and get caught up with you very soon!


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    • I gathered a few small rocks. I threw at two mean birds last weekend. 🙂 This time, hubby got out and made a loud noise, the squirrel jumped to another tree quickly. The squirrel doesn’t pay attention to me at all… Thank you for visiting, Dragon! 🙂


  5. Amazing shots. I have a pair out my kitchen window as well. They come to my feeder, but I have never seen their home. Lucky you and beautiful post.


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