The Backyard Episode

10 images. Last weekend, I noticed a few birds were dashing back and forth in front of our kitchen windows whenever I was in the kitchen. I wondered why…

“The bird feeder is empty, Amy!” Both Cardinals were complaining.

0W5A1893-5-8 card

Then, they did this in front of me. “Okaaay…, you got my attention.”


I actually bought a new bird feeder. Because of Mr. and Mrs. W’s nestlings, hubby had to find a spot away from the Mr. and Mrs. W’s territory.

“Isn’t this a cool feeder?” Ms. Cardinal was happy with it.


Squirrel Jr. tried to outsmart the feeder. “It’s called squirrel buster feeder, you hear!!” Dove was there laughing.

“I don’t care. I’m going to bust this feeder! Watch me!”

squirrel-feeder 5-8

Here, two cardinals and the Sparrow Jr. were having lunch together, and they laughed about how Squirrel Jr. was making fool of himself trying to bust the feeder.

“Fat chance! hehehe…” Mr. Cardinal couldn’t stop laughing with his mouth full.

3 birds-feeder 5-8

Mr. W even flew over here to join the crowd. He was showing off his beautiful wings.

flying woodpecker 5-8

While eating, Mr. W kept his eyes on his nest the entire time. So much effort he made to stop by, he spent only a couple of minutes here.


Mrs. W came a little later, the feeder was already running low.


After trying a few times, Mr. Blue Jay managed to get hold of the feeder. Yay, BJ!

3 birds-feeder 5-8

“When are you going to stop clicking, Amy?”  Mr. BJ was kinda annoyed.

0W5A2211-Edit-2-Edit 5-8

These photos were taken through our kitchen window. Please excuse the low quality of the images.

Have a great week! 🙂

65 thoughts on “The Backyard Episode

  1. I love these. We had such a variety of birds when we had our house. I had a big feeder right outside the window and loved watching them all. I do miss that. Your Jay and cardinals are fabulous!


  2. Splendid action shots with adorable characters,dear Amy!They can sense your caring love,they will never leave your backyard space.So sweet of you to show them your tender feelings.I think I have missed some episodes,I’ll go back and check out your posts 🙂 ❤ xxx


  3. What excellent shots through your window, Amy! I love watching the birds that come to our feeder. There was a yellow finch that kept flying up to our eating area window, and you wouldn’t believe the cats that one bird was entertaining! I never did get pictures. I just enjoyed the show. I sure glad you got pictures. Fascinating to watch, these birds are! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Beautiful shots all round, Amy. Well done on the fly. Love the second one of Mr and Mrs W sharing a bit of a pash. It must have been a good day, though as you said there could have been more food 😀


  5. What a magnificent sight outside your window…stunning birds (and very cute squirrel) and with your lovely commentary, I feel like I am there looking out your windows with you Amy. I have a bird feeder too and here in Canberra (Australia) I get KIng Parrots, Lorikeets and some very small birds with blue tails…I love watching them out the window too.


  6. Amy, it’s such a great season. Birds bustling to make their homes ready for a new family. We’ve had rose-breasted grosbeaks come through each year, and this year more than usual. They’re gorgeous. Enjoyed all your captures.


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