May OPF and Flower of the day

OPF May-2-Edit-Edit-May OPF

“What is One Photo Focus? It’s the first ABFriday of each month when all participants edit the same photo.”  ~ Stacy VISUAL VENTURING

The participates of OPF are creative and interactive. There, you get to see more than 25 different transformation photo works for May OPF. Thanks to Stacy for hosting this fun and special theme. I have learned so much from Stacy and her step-by-step videos.

The above is the after version. For this one, I added a couple of filters and the vignette preset in Efex Color Pro4. I was hoping the heavy vignette would add mood to the photo. Later, I decided to change the vignette into a very light blue color. Voila!

The after version is an example of how a few clicks can change the outlook of a photo dramatically.

Below is the beautiful photo (before version) by Julie Powell.

May 2016 One Photo Focus



 Cee’s Flower of the Day

OPF May 2016 5-3

TGIF!! 🙂

28 thoughts on “May OPF and Flower of the day

  1. Incredible visual effects and transformation,dear Amy!Your photo after the treatment looks like something from a dream!Your floral image with the vibrant pink colour is brilliant as well 🙂 ❤ xxx


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