Pure Enjoyment for WPC Admiration


The male Indian Peacock has iridescent coloring of blue and green on its head, neck, and breast. Their long ‘trains’ are not the tail quill feathers but elongated upper tail feather coverts.  — Animal Corner


The peacock decided to show off his bronze and green ‘eyes’.

The male peacocks display their beautiful fanned trains as part of their courtship behavior to the Peahens. During molting season, the males shed their train feathers and their grey quill feathers are more obvious. For more info click here… 


This peacock seemed to know we were admiring his beauty. He even let me follow him for a little while.

Pure enjoyment, indeed!


WPC: Admiration

59 thoughts on “Pure Enjoyment for WPC Admiration

  1. Good morning, Amy. Learn something every time I am here. Next time I will definitely take a close look at their trains. I always thought that was tail quill feathers. 😉 Beautiful photos! I had never been able to take a sharp photo like these. Thanks for sharing.


  2. I always find it amazing that this one bird has so many incredible feathers and colors. How fortunate that he posed for you, Amy. Your beautiful photos capture his exquisite beauty so well.


  3. This was such a lovely sight to share with all of us, Amy! ❤ 🙂 You are a person with a generous spirit. Take care and hope you are enjoying your Cinco de Mayo!


  4. Gorgeous!! The feathers are just like an evening gown train. We used to have a few peacocks in our backyard, though they were females. They are definitely animals to be admired.

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  5. Fabulous Amy! What a perfect shot of his tail flowing down over the wall, and then the ones where his feathers are fanned. He is a beauty!


  6. Truly pure enjoyment to watch those beautiful birds with the brilliant tail feathers and the way they display them!Your photos are astounding with the distinctive train displayed spectacularly,dear Amy!Mum used to say that if you tell them that they have ugly legs,they feel like showing off their fabulous fanned trains 🙂 ❤ xxx


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