Mobile Photo Challenge: Nature and Flower of the Day

FullSizeRender (11)-2



For Sally’s Mobile Photography.

Sally is back from her vacation from the west coast. This is how she describes the place she loves, “The West Coast exerts its charm and influence, and I succumb to its grandeur, unique character and splendor. Each pilgrimage builds my inner spirit, and gives me profoundly inspirational memories.” Visit her beautiful photos of the west coast.



Cee’s Flower of the Day





Happy Tuesday! 🙂

51 thoughts on “Mobile Photo Challenge: Nature and Flower of the Day

  1. The white petals are.. a dream!! I wonder, is that a white poppy flower, if I’m not mistaken? It’s simply wonderful, the creased texture and the light.. 🙂


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  3. Your tulip photos are fascinating,I love them as they are loftily standing and your “yesterday floral macros are so striking and brilliant!Generously washed by light,they bring happiness and smiles to the beholders!I particularly like the yellow beauty with the bee nectaring,it’s a marvellous relationship between flowers and inscects! Hugs to you dear friend Amy and many thanks for bringing beauty into my life ❤ 🙂 xxx 🙂


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